16 Surprising Health Benefits of Love 

16 Surprising Health Benefits of Love 

Falling in love, as it turned out, is not only a pleasure but also a very useful feeling. Every person wants to look attractive in the eyes of his/her chosen one. Having fallen in love, people immediately find time for everything that they previously put off for later.

Monitoring the weight, visiting the dentist, taking care of the skin of the face, and the body becomes a regular habit of people in love. Scientists argue that the expression “chemistry of love” is right for good reason.

Benefits of Love for The Body

1- Promotes Weight Loss

Lovers are actively producing the hormones of joy – endorphins. When they are in abundance, the hand does not reach for sweets, which on ordinary days are often the main source of joy. Other hormones – amphetamines – reduce appetite and sleepiness.

Besides, dating with a loved one is a great way to lose extra pounds. With a passionate kiss, 12 kcal are burned, and in 15 minutes of sex – about 200 kcal.

2- Boosts Self-Esteem And Immunity

A person becomes self-confident, hidden complexes recede, and people feel “the most charming and attractive”. And when people are pleased with their selves, they stay in a good mood, easily, and without consequences endure stress, and are less sick with colds. Happy people have increased immunity.

3- Saves From Allergies

In a person who is in a state of euphoria, the amount of natural brain stimulants (including adrenaline) increases. This inhibits the production of histamine, serotonin, kinins, and other provocateurs of allergies and inflammations in the body and reduces sensitivity to them. As a result, seasonal allergic rhinitis and eczema are more easily tolerated or disappear altogether.

4- Helps To Refrain From Bad Habits 

For the sake of his/her partner, a person stays away from bad habits e.g. drinking alcohol, smoking, or gambling. Therefore, love acts as a powerful motivator to adopt good habits and refrain from bad ones.

Therefore, if your partner is an addict, instead of leaving him or her alone try to be with them in this difficult time. You can help your alcoholic husband or wife become sober. All you need to do is to provide support and love.

5- Strengthens The Heart And Blood Vessels

Irresistible craving for each other is the result of an increased level of sex hormones; in women – estrogen and testosterone, in men – testosterone. These hormones strengthen the muscles in internal organs, including the heart, and blood vessel walls. And this reduces the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, and therefore heart attacks and strokes.

6- Calm The Nervous System

Our skin is made up of millions of receptors that are associated with all organs. Moreover, women have 10 times more of these receptors than men, and the skin is much thinner. That is why women are more sensitive to touch.

For some women, touching is more enjoyable than sex. Hugging in the body increases the amount of the hormone oxytocin. It normalizes the nervous system and relieves depression. Doctors advise men to hug their beloved ladies at least 5 times a day.

7- Lower Blood Pressure

Skin receptors are directly related to the blood pressure regulation system. Oxytocin, produced in the body of a person in love, lowers blood pressure. As a result, hypertensive patients’ blood pressure normalizes, the headache goes away, and hypotensive patients cease to feel weakness and dizziness.

8- Accelerate Recovery

Touching increases the level of hemoglobin in the body. And it is responsible for the delivery of oxygen from the respiratory system to the tissues. The more oxygen, the more efficiently the whole body works, the immunity increases and the recovery from disease becomes faster.

9- Reduce Pain

Stroking 5 times increases the production of oxytocin. It regulates body temperature, relieves spasms, and dulls pain, as well as endorphin, which reduces pain and causes a feeling of euphoria.

10- Improve Dental Health

Increased salivation clears the mouth, reduces the acidity that leads to tooth decay, and prevents plaque. In saliva during a kiss, the level of calcium and phosphorus rises. And these trace elements strengthen teeth and save them from periodontal disease.

11- Vaccinate

The saliva of all people consists of 80% of the same bacteria and 20% of individual ones. By kissing, people exchange individual bacteria, and they force the immune system to produce antibodies. As a result, partners receive protection from more harmful bacteria. Scientists call this cross-immunotherapy.

12- Cleanse The Organs

After the kiss, breathing quickens and deepens. A person takes 60 breaths instead of the usual 20, as a result, more oxygen enters the lungs, the pulse increases, and the blood runs faster through the vessels.

The organs are “flushed”, removing unnecessary substances. Holding your breath while kissing stimulates the work of all organs. By the way, in yoga, many exercises are based on holding the breath.

13- Prevent The Appearance Of Wrinkles

The deep kiss uses 39 facial muscles that control the mouth and jaw. Trained muscles protect against wrinkles. A happy smile does not let the corners of the lips sink.

14- The Breast And Female Organs Are Protected

Irregular sexual relations in women disrupt the normal ratio of hormones, which leads to mastopathy (thickening of the breast tissue). In some cases, it can provoke more serious diseases. In the female genital organs, local immunity decreases, and this is a direct path to inflammation.

It has been established that women who rarely have sex or do not feel pleasure from it develop endometriosis. It is a disease in which the cell layer lining the uterine cavity migrates to unusual places and develops there, turning into a tumor.

15- Rejuvenates And Promotes Longevity

The act of love helps the body create new nerve cells, including the brain. They rejuvenate the body. Scientists believe that the risk of death in men who have an orgasm at least once a week is reduced by 50%.

16- Stimulates You To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Unsuccessful love becomes a powerful stimulus for development. A person makes a dizzying career, monitors the appearance, and health – and all this to prove him or herself.


We can conclude that love is important not only for spending a happy life but also for having good health. With a single touch from a loved one, the functionality of the body improves. Therefore, do not hesitate and spend more time with your partner.