Advising On Drug Rehabilitation In The Big Apple

Advising On Drug Rehabilitation In The Big Apple

New York is often portrayed in movies as a bustling metropolis in which many people are finding ways to reach their dreams. Although for many people there are numerous pitfalls on this journey, one of the major concerns is of course the availability of drugs. With a population of around 8.4 million people, it’s easy to feel lost or left behind at times, especially when battling an opiate or methamphetamine addiction.

It’s at this intersection of drug-induced hopelessness and loneliness that we lose so many people to the drug epidemic, and although there are a number of drug rehab facilities and addiction recovery centers in NY, we still lose thousands of innocent lives each year.

Old Habits Die Hard

The image of a drug addict has been heavily twisted by media portrayal in the last century, with many people believing addicts are choosing the substance over their own health and safety. Anyone with any experience with addiction will know that this is simply not the case, and part of fighting the drug crisis that is going on in America is changing these old views which may stop us from helping our fellow humans.

Statistically speaking we all know someone who is either addicted to an illegal substance such as heroin or unprescribed pharmaceuticals, or a legal substance such as alcohol or cigarettes. Now while they may seem controlled by the substance and their desire for it, the common denominator is how they first started, this is usually triggered by a need to “escape” certain feelings or a situation, the rest is history.

How to Help

Recognizing this, we may better understand the nature of an addiction rehab center which will often combine a safe environment with counseling (and in the case of opiate treatment, certain medication) to try to help people realize they don’t need the substance. With this in mind it’s no use making accusations to people who are abusing intoxicants, especially when they’re under the influence of them. A more nuanced approach can make a world of difference.

Offering a Shoulder

It’s not uncommon in our busy lives these days that we make routine out of everything, and neglect some seriously important things. Simply offering to listen to someone, especially if they are suffering from drug addiction, can give them a chance to vent and review their own life. A key thing to remember here is not to try to give advice on every little problem they may speak about, and instead consider how you can relate to their position, put yourself in their shoes. If, during this experience, the person you are speaking with starts to open up about their struggle with whatever substance, then it may be a good time to ask “Have you considered getting help?”.

A simple question like this may be enough to break the spell, and offer an opportunity to walk down a different path to a happier life.

Finding a Suitable Center

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one-rehab-suits-all to fix any kind of addiction. Thankfully in The Big Apple there are a great variety of treatment centers available, including the highly effective dual diagnosis treatment centers which offer treatment for depression and anxiety which may have fueled the initial addiction. As with any medical aid, finding something which suits the particular problem and financial situation can be somewhat of a hassle, but it can also be well worth the effort.

Inpatient Care

For serious cases of addiction, especially those which include crack cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine, inpatient care is often completely necessary. It breaks the connections to the outside world and offers round-the-clock support to deal with the often dangerous withdrawal symptoms that come from these drugs.

Outpatient Care

For less severe forms of addiction outpatient care can be much more suitable, especially when there is a consistent and safe environment with supportive people who have time to provide physical, mental and emotional support when they can.

Extended Care

Many rehab centers will also offer extended care which can include counseling for any family members of the addicted or continued support in the form of counseling sessions or simply a call to check in every now and then.

As you can see New York truly is a place of opportunity, not only for those who wish to succeed financially but also for those who may have lost the way and are looking for a fresh start. If you personally are struggling with addiction and are unsure about whether or not you need help there are drug assessments and evaluations available at many rehab centers, a healthier life may be much closer than you think.

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