Dental Implant – All You Would like to Understand

Dental Implant – All You Would like to Understand

Your smile matters. But if you’re not conscious of your oral health, then it’ll definitely impact your smile. You must take care of your oral health as this is often related to many other diseases. But what if your teeth are already damaged or you have lost any tooth because of any external injury. Well, don’t worry, we have got an answer to your problem. An implant is perhaps the simplest option for you. Want to know more? This article will assist you to understand more about the implant.

Dr. Kartik who is one of the best dentist in Vashi says, “An implant is that the prosthetic replacement of a missing tooth. it’s a secure surgical method that replaces the root with a sustainable & durable metal, screw-like post. The missing tooth is replaced by a man-made tooth that appears natural. This structure is connected with bone & works as a natural tooth. this is often the simplest alternative for dentures because it may be a permanent solution.”
In this article, we also have Dr. Jyotsna who will be explaining the advantages & risks of getting an implant. She is one among the best dentist in Andheri with experience of around 7 years. She has successfully treated around 3000 patients so far. Don’t miss the myth buster section by our specialists because it will assist you to remove the fear of dental implants.


  • Appearance- The implant seems like your natural teeth & is permanently joined together with your jaw bone. It
    gives you a totally natural look.
  • Speech Improvement & Easier Eating- Unlike dentures, implants are permanent with zero chance of slipping. Dentures can cause mumble while talking & can slip easily while chewing. But with an implant, you are free from any worry about this issue.
  • Oral Health- Unlike dentures, there is no need for any messy adhesive to keep it intact. You don’t even need any special care after the implant. A traditional oral hygiene routine is more than sufficient for better oral health even after the implant.
  • Comfort & Convenience- As they’re not removable & feel like natural teeth, it increases the comfortability along
    with durability. With good oral care, implants even last for a lifetime.
  • Cost- The cost is relatively higher. So, you would possibly be thinking that it’s definitely not a benefit. But wait,
    you would like to look at the future benefit you’re getting. You’re bearing this cost once only & after that, you are not going to spend a penny thereon again. So considering the long-term benefit, the higher cost is negligible.
  • Painless- Throughout the method, local anesthesia is used so that you won’t feel any pain during the treatment.
    After the surgery, you’ll feel little or no pain. Usually, the doctor prescribes pain medication.

Risks & Complications-

  • Peri-implantitis is reported by a couple of patients. It’s almost like periodontal or gum disease. Inflammation in gum & surrounding bones is the symptom of this. It should be treated immediately.
  • Bite adjustment could be required to stop the implant from bearing heavy biting force. The heavy biting force will affect the implant at the first stage. But this may not have any negative impact once the wound is totally healed.
  • If oral care isn’t maintained after the surgery, then it can cause a bacterial infection within the implant. If left
    untreated, it’ll cause more problems & might completely damage the implant.
  • Pain at implant site & minor bleeding is normal after implant. this will be treated easily with antibiotics & other pain medication. But if you notice excessive bleeding, consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • The swelling of gums & face, bruising of gums & skin is common. But if you are feeling any discomfort, contact
    your doctor immediately.

Myth Busters-

  • Dental Implants are Expensive- The first cost for treatment is comparatively higher than other oral care treatments. But this is often a permanent solution. So, the long-term cost is really feasible & reasonable.
  • Do Not Look Natural- This is an entire myth. After the implant, your tooth will look natural & even it’s difficult to spot the implanted tooth from the natural ones. But this relies upon your doctor as there are many options available & he will choose the suitable option for you.
  • Time Consuming Post-Surgery Care- There’s a really common misconception that you will definitely need to take special care of the implanted tooth. But the truth is different. You can follow your regular oral care routine & this is sufficient for implants. Brush twice regularly with fluoride-rich toothpaste & use a toothbrush that is soft & gentle on your teeth.
  • Unsafe Treatment Method- Research shows around 95 percent success rate in case of an implant with negligible chances of complications. Because of continuous development within the medical field, now we’ve many new technologies available for dental implants. So, this method of treatment is totally safe.
  • Food Restrictions- Most of the people believe that dental implants will put a restriction on food. This is often
    partially true. You must follow the recommendation of your dentist after surgery for 2-4 weeks. After the wound heals, there’s no restriction on food.
  • An Implant is for Old Aged People Only- This is often an entire myth. Your jawbone gets fully developed at an age of 20 years. Then, you can opt for an implant if required. Your dentist will undergo your clinical history &
    supported that, he will recommend whether you’re ready for an implant or not.

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