How Poor Dental Health Can Put Your Entire Body at Risk

How Poor Dental Health Can Put Your Entire Body at Risk

It is commonly believed that the general condition of the body and bad habits affect dental health. But few people think about the other side of the issue. Yes, the poor quality of teeth in the same way has an effect on the work of internal organs and can lead to many diseases. Before moving further, let’s review the main causes of poor teeth.

  • Alcoholism: Excessive consumption of alcohol can impact your oral health. You need to refrain from it to enjoy good health. If you want to get more information on alcohol addiction and dental health, see a specialist.
  • Smoking: It can really spoil your beautiful smile, by yellowing the teeth. Tobacco is not really good for your physical as well as oral health.
  • Medication: Some medications can prove unhealthy for your teeth. They make your teeth weak. In extreme cases, some medication can cause dry mouth. It leads to loss of teeth.
  • Sugar:  We know the harmful effect of sugar on oral health from our childhood. It can even cause tooth decay, which if not treated timely can even lead to tooth loss.

Health Issues Caused By Bad Oral Health

If you have poor oral health for whichever reason, you will have to face serious health consequences. Many people are not aware that if you do not follow oral hygiene, your whole body can get affected.

Diseases Of The Gastrointestinal Tract 

Stomach problems can affect the freshness of the breath. But the condition of the oral cavity can also contribute to various troubles. Everything is simple here: pathogenic bacteria on the teeth and gums, such as streptococcus not only cause caries and periodontitis but also cause gastritis. It can develop stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

This bacterium gets inside the body along with the food we eat. Also, these diseases can occur due to insufficient chewing due to pain in the teeth and gums. Large chunks of food put additional stress on the digestive tract and can cause complications.

Heart and Blood Vessels (Blood Pressure) 

The same streptococcus works here. It can crawl inside you along with food, penetrate the bloodstream through microtrauma, and damage the oral cavity. After the protective barrier gets broken, streptococcus through the circulatory system will go straight to the heart. It can provoke endocarditis – an inflammation of the inner lining and valves of the heart muscle.

Besides, periodontal bacteria can damage the walls of blood vessels and cause inflammation. This, in turn, will lead to increased blood clots and will begin to clog blood vessels, provoking coronary heart disease. Also, high blood pressure belongs to problems of the heart and blood vessels caused by poor dental health.

It appears as a result of prolonged painful sensations. If you do not go to the doctor for a long time when your toothaches, then a headache will be added to it. Resist treatment or get rid of ailments at once in the dentist’s office is all up to you.


Inflammation of the bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity that support the tooth itself increases blood sugar levels. It becomes one of the main causes of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes, which occurs due to periodontitis, significantly complicates the treatment of an already weakened organism. By the way, modern research shows that competent and timely treatment of periodontitis in diabetic patients helps to normalize sugar levels in the body.


Here again, we are talking about infectious bacteria that can be in the mouth. In addition to the gastrointestinal tract and heart, the lungs are also at risk. The bacterial microflora of the oral cavity can become the causative agent of pneumonia and other pulmonary diseases.

It can also affect the respiratory tract. These same microbes can settle on the tonsils, causing sore throat. It, in turn, is capable of provoking many complications, from rheumatism and kidney problems to heart disease and, even worse, blood poisoning.


Every sixth case of sinusitis is associated with problems of the dentition. First of all, caries belong to such problems. The infection accumulated in a carious tooth, through the dental canals, enters the maxillary sinuses. It accumulates and at the slightest negative impact (wind, cold, and so on) transfers sinusitis from the stage of a sluggish disease to a very active one.

There has been a case where a patient who consulted on dental prosthetics had cysts on three upper teeth that had grown into the maxillary sinus. Also, fluid accumulated in the sinus, which indicated the presence of sinusitis.

After the removal of these three teeth and the placement of dentures, the images showed that there was no fluid in the sinuses. And the patient himself confirmed that he was feeling much better. So do not be surprised that if you have problems with your nose, ENT can send you to the dentist.


Yes, the scariest phrase straight from cigarette packs. Dental problems, especially on bacteriological grounds, destroy the walls of blood vessels and interfere with normal blood circulation. And what is the danger of insufficient blood supply below the waist? Therefore, it is worth talking about a smell from the mouth and notice the loss of a pretty smile. Still neglecting your oral hygiene?

Summing Up

Oral hygiene is as important as physical well-being. You need to avoid the habits and things that can affect oral health. If your dental health suffers, the rest of the body will also have to face serious consequences. Yes, tooth decay is not just restricted to your mouth.

It is important to visit a dentist more often so you can avoid any tooth problem. Once the problem spreads, it will take much more time to recover from it. Moreover, it will require more resources and effort. Take care of yourself and maintain oral health to stay fit.

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