Personalized Vitamins And Weight Loss

Personalized Vitamins And Weight Loss

While comprehensive lifestyle changes are needed to achieve weight loss, taking the right blend of vitamins can play a role in the process.  Vitamins are an accelerant to healthy behaviors.  When you start taking a daily vitamin, it leads to other healthy habits.  You feel that you are doing something positive for your health so it kick starts other positive changes like diet and exercise.  However, many Americans are taking a standard, off-the-shelf multivitamin as their daily vitamin.  These vitamins provide that little boost to pursue an overall health routine, but the pills themselves are relatively ineffective.  These vitamins typically contain “A to Z” nutrition, possibly 30 or more ingredients, at very low doses.  The dosing is pegged for a healthy individual keeping a balanced diet trying to obtain recommend daily allowances (RDA) levels of nutrition.  With a standard multivitamin, you are getting a placebo effect, where you start feeling better and reaching for other changes in your life.  But, what if there was a daily vitamin that went beyond a placebo effect?

Enter the world of personalized vitamins.  Personalized vitamins are targeted formulas that are adjusted for individual health and lifestyle needs.  There are two formats of personalized vitamins:  pill packs and customized all-in-one multivitamins.  In both cases, you start the process with an online assessment of diet, fitness, health, and lifestyle.  In some cases, the company will ask you to augment your assessment with biological materials like blood, hair, urine, or genetic tests.  The consumer should be forewarned that in most cases, the request for biological materials does not provide commensurate value when compared to the cost and privacy concerns.  While companies put the request for biological materials forward as a hook to convince the consumer of the science behind the offering, there is often hollow evidence that this makes a difference in daily vitamin dosing.  The best path to getting the right vitamins is asking the right questions through the online assessment.  A doctor-led company will often have the best content in their assessment that is grounded in medical research.  Most personalized vitamin companies will assign a pill pack, which can easily consist of 10+ pills and powders costing over $100/month.  This is not sustainable for most consumers.  Alternatively, there are companies that actually craft their own products in the form of an all-in-one personalized multivitamin.  These companies build products that are properly dosed for individual needs.  The benefit of a personalized all-in-one multivitamin is that it simplifies the number of pills and powders that you need to take each day and reduces your cost to about $30/month.  These services may not offer the same range of supplements as pill packs and are often strict as to the ingredients they will include in their formulas.  Despite constraints around range of supplements, these services also tend to be a more affordable and sustainable solution to personalization for most people.

The Inextricable Linkages Between Personalized Vitamins And Weight Loss 

How does taking right vitamins help with weight loss?  As a start, they tend to increase your energy.  If you are taking essential nutrients to help with your energy such as iron and B12, you may discover that your newfound energy can be helpful in motivating you to exercise more and reduce your food intake. Feeling like you have the energy to make it through the day without unneeded caffeine or other quick snacks to boost energy can ultimately assist with losing weight.

Beyond vitamins for energy, taking the right supplements may help with weight loss by reducing your craving for other foods.  When we are vitamin deficient our body is always wanting to eat something to satiate its needs.  If you take the right blend of vitamins for your individual needs, you may find that you do not crave high calorie or unhealthy foods as much since your body is getting the right nutrients to function optimally.

Select supplements that may be part of a personalized vitamin routine, such as iodine, can actually help raise your metabolism.  Iodine is a critical component for your thyroid to function.  The thyroid regulates metabolism and taking a proper and safe amount of iodine can help support your thyroid.

Personalized Vitamins And Weight Loss

Another element that comes into play when determining what supplements to take for weight loss is sleep.  It turns out that sleep can actually play a role in weight loss.   Did you realize that your body makes essential hormones that

help with weight loss while you sleep? Taking the right vitamins for insomnia and sleep can then facilitate weight loss by aiding in getting deep and restful sleep.  It turns out that some nutrients that may be in your personalized vitamin subscription may assist in getting deeper more meaningful sleep–these may include magnesium, Vitamin D3, certain B vitamins and iron.  If you can get restful quality sleep, your body may respond not only by feeling more rested the next day, but also with the weight loss you have been hoping for.

Lever Up Your Vitamin Routine

There are many reasons to improve your daily vitamin routine that extend beyond weight loss, particularly during the COVID pandemic.  Vitamins can help on a number of fronts, such as stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, heart health, bone health, brain health, and more.  While standard multivitamins offer a placebo effect to kickstart healthy behaviors, the actual formulas are watered-down and will likely not correct vitamin deficiencies.  Meanwhile, personalized vitamins offer a path to get the consumer their required vitamins in the correct amounts for their unique body.  If you have room in your morning routine for a limited number of pills, there are companies that create personalized all-in-one multivitamins.  Launch your personalized vitamin assessment and make progress toward your weight loss goals.

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