Quarantine Care: Grooming Yourself from Top to Bottom

Quarantine Care: Grooming Yourself from Top to Bottom

Social distancing and quarantine due to the pandemic have led most of us to stray away from our regular grooming appointments and routines. As a result, more and more people are taking on the challenge of grooming themselves at home. Now that more people are going back to work and school virtually, people are trying hard to keep up with the grooming habits and practices they need to look presentable behind the screen. Grooming yourself at home can be terrifying since chances of mistakes and failures are inevitable. Fortunately, this article can give you helpful tips on personal grooming at home during the quarantine.

All Things Hair

Hair is one of the most demanding parts of your body that you need to take care of. Cutting your hair at home can either go extremely well or turn into a complete disaster. The first thing to consider is to find the right tools. Most people might think kitchen shears or scissors for crafting will be enough, but they can end up damaging your hair. Using the appropriate scissors for cutting hair is highly recommended. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rush yourself and take all the time you need when cutting hair. It would be better to read up on haircutting tutorials and watch videos online to guide you through the process at home.

Besides, hair care and styling are just as important when grooming yourself daily. Different types of natural hair will require specific types of solutions for healthier and more manageable hair. For dull and dry hair, conditioning and oil treatments might do the trick. Furthermore, frizzy hair can result from a lack of moisture, so home treatments that can bring in more moisture to your hair can lessen its frizziness.

You can either do facial, armpit, and leg waxing by yourself. Plus, you can conveniently use options such as wax strips, wax pens, soft wax, sugar wax, and so much more at home. It’s best to look into the different kinds of wax you can use that can safely cater to your skin type. Suppose you’re more comfortable with professionals handling it. In that case, you can always go to a salon for waxing, and other hair removal methods, especially for eyebrows, which you can easily mess up.

Manicures and Pedicures

Getting your nails done is known to be a trendy and fun recreational activity, especially for women. Instead of going to nail salons and paying money, doing your nails at home can be a great way to express your creativity with nail art. Prepackaged manicure sets and kits are readily available online, so you can get into doing your nails at home with the tools you need.

Along with that, nail art sets are also a more convenient option when you’re planning to decorate your nails yourself. You might need thin nail polish brushes and dotting pens, so it is easier to draw and paint your preferred designs on your nails. The most important thing to remember is that nail art will need patience and perseverance. You might make mistakes at times but learning how to properly do it will be a fun and rewarding activity at the end of the day.


Caring for your skin is also something that you shouldn’t end up neglecting in quarantine. Cleansing your face at night is incredibly important every day. This can get rid of pollutants and bacteria that have accumulated on your face throughout the entire day. Skincare is tricky since the effectiveness of the products you use and how you use them will depend largely on your skin type. It is vital to try out and test different products before settling on your own skincare routine at home.

According to dermatologists, the order of applying products to your skin is way more important than you would think. Applying products in a specific order can ensure the products can effectively provide the complete nutrients and benefits for your skin. Your skincare routine at night and in the morning can also be different. Daytime skincare routines will usually focus on protecting your skin from the sun and other factors like dirt and bacteria that you will encounter throughout the day.

On the other hand, the products you put on your skin at night can encourage, fix, and restore your skin while you sleep. For a more effective skincare regimen, contact your local dermatology experts to know more about the type of skin you have and the suitable solutions you can try.

Overall, personal grooming at home can be a great way to relax and focus on improving yourself and practicing self-care at a troubling time like this. Don’t let the stress and anxiety from the things happening in the world today make you look haggard. It’s time to refresh yourself with grooming sessions at home.

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