Understanding The Effectiveness Of Cannabis-Infused Pain Relief Cream

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It’s evident that more and more people are now turning to cannabis topicals. These products have ingredients which help to provide pain relief. They can help to reduce pain caused by muscle soreness, joint aches, or just inflammation. Generally, cannabis topicals are effective for everyday conditions caused by physical activities and age. Besides that, they are effective for serious and chronic conditions that are progressive such as arthritis.

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But how do cannabis topicals relieve pain? Well, cannabis contains CBD, an active compound with several healing properties. You can take it orally but most people apply it topically for pain. To understand how cannabis-infused pain relief creams work, here is a comprehensive overview.

What Are Cbd Creams?

These are ointments which are made by infusing quality cannabis flowers with other ingredients. They include carrier oil such as olive and coconut oil. Note that CBD-infused topical creams may also contain THC, depending on the type of hemp extract. In addition to the carrier oils, these topical products are normally blended with other therapeutic herbs. They include organic pain relievers such as lemongrass and arnica essential oils.

If you are going to buy a CBD cream for sale, ensure that you analyze the ingredients. Everything on the label should be organic. This is because the effectiveness of a CBD-infused topical cream heavily depends on the formula.

About THC Creams

Although most people go for CBD creams, there are also topical TCH creams. These products normally involve a combination of CBD and THC. The latter is usually added to enhance the effectiveness of CBD. THC helps to provide the “entourage effect”, which means more pronounced benefits.

There are THC lip balms which can easily get you high. All you need is to just lick your lips. On the other hand, there are THC/CBD products which are used as lubricants. They are mostly used by women to enhance natural lubrication. Overall, when a THC-infused CBD cream is only used externally, it won’t produce a “high” feeling.

Do These Creams Really Work?

So, how does CBD cream for pain work? Well, research shows that there are several ways which CBD can help regulate pain. First, it can increase the production of endocannabinoids which are found in the endocannabinoid system. They are neurotransmitters which help to bind the cannabinoid receptors. By elevating the natural levels of these pain receptors, the body ends up experiencing less pain.

Secondly, CBD helps to reduce the inflammatory response. This normally occurs when cells in the body are either infected or in case of injuries. Note that when the body detects damage or micro-tears, it sends inflammatory mediators. These components are responsible for repairing the damaged muscles or tissues. But by limiting their release, this compound helps to reduce pain, without preventing healing.

Lastly, this organic compound helps to desensitize pain receptors in the body. It should be noted that the body contains receptors which help to regulate and detect body temperature. When these receptors are activated, they put out heat. The eventual effect of this process is soothing effect. CBD also uses this mechanism. It increases hyperactivity in the pain receptors, thereby causing them to become hot. As a result, it helps to downregulate and desensitize pain-sensitive nerve endings.

Is It Safe For You To Use CBD Cream For Pain?

CBD is generally safe. So, you can use it to treat pain effectively. But there is no risk in trying to use CBD cream to treat pain. The worst thing that happens to most people is the lack of visible results. But when buying CBD cream for sale, it’s important to understand that everyone is different. We all have different types of physiologies and what may work for other might not work for you. Some people may also end up suffering from allergic reactions so they may end up with:

  • Dry skin
  • Rashes
  • Skin redness

Does It Make You High?

If you are using CBD topical cream, it won’t get you high. It should be noted that first, CBD is nonpsychoactive. So, it doesn’t produce the “high” feeling. In addition to that, topical products don’t reach the bloodstream. They only work on a localized part of the body i.e. the top layer of the skin. You can use these products without worrying about getting high.

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Should You Try It?

Generally, cannabinoids have amazing health benefits when they are consumed orally. It can effectively minimize the symptoms of various maladies. They include mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. However, it’s also clear that topical products are also effective in providing pain relief. When they’re rubbed on the skin, they can help to alleviate acute muscle pain and joint soreness.

The Bottom Line

CBD topical creams have proved to be effective remedies for pain. They are normally infused with other active ingredients which help to soothe the body. They are effective in easing joint pains and muscle soreness. Besides that, you can use them to treat various types of skin diseases.

Overall, using these cannabis-infused products provide the body with a localized effect. The anti-inflammatory in CBD infused-creams helps to soothe the body and ease inflammation. However, it’s also important to exercise caution. Topical creams can still cause unwanted side effects, thereby causing more pain and changing your skin’s appearance.


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