What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD Tincture

With all of the new products that are coming into the market during this CBD craze, the one that might be the most effective for the people that use it is a CBD tincture. Although CBD gummies might taste great, CBD softgels may be really easy to ingest, out of all of them the most practical way to get CBD from inside of the container into the bloodstream of the user is to put it directly under the tongue and have it get to work right away. It might not taste as great as candies, or be as easy to ingest as a pill, but it will get into the system and be more available to the body than virtually any other way.

The CBD Tincture

Unlike the other CBD products on the market, the tincture was designed so that the user can put a couple of drops of it under the tongue and allow the effects to appear naturally and quickly. What sets tinctures apart from everything else is that they are the purest form of hemp extracts available. Why? Because of the way that they are made.

Hemp Oil Extraction

In the earlier years of hemp extracts, different types of solvents were used to extract the essential oil of the hemp plant from the solid body of the hemp plant. Some of these solvents were harmful to people and animals, so they were discontinued after a while. However, distilled alcohol, food-grade ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide can all be used as effective solvents that prove to be less harmful to people.

A simple explanation of a CBD tincture is when the essential oil is drawn from the hemp plant and stored into some sort of carrier solution it is considered a tincture. The oil is pulled from the solid parts of the plant, then the solids are filtered away and discarded or used for another purpose. In any event, what is left over is a perfectly formulated CBD tincture.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

With the rest of the solvents, the solids of the hemp plant are simply soaked in the solution then filtered out. As for the supercritical CO2 method, things are a bit more complicated. A sophisticated piece of machinery that has three different chamber cycles is put into use by a trained technician. The reason for the three chambers is extraordinary, but also simple. 

In the middle chamber, the help solids are placed and sealed away to await the process. This chamber is where the extraction process happens.

The first and third chambers play important roles as well. The first chamber is where the carbon dioxide is channeled so that it can become in its supercritical state where it is in between a solid and a gas. More along the lines of a liquid, the carbon dioxide is pressurized then channeled into the middle chamber where the hemp solids are awaiting their arrival.

Once the supercritical carbon dioxide has reached the hemp solids the extraction process takes place. It only takes a few minutes for the hemp to be completely stripped of its essential oils where they stay encapsulated in the liquid state momentarily.

When the extraction process is complete, the remaining supercritical carbon dioxide will be channel into the third chamber where the pressure will be slowly lowered until the carbon dioxide takes on its gaseous state once again, then harmlessly dissipates from the chamber. This leaves a pure, unscathed CBD tincture ready to be bottled and sent out to the customers.


After having an idea of how tinctures are processed and how they work with the body it is easy to see that out of all of the other choices people have when it comes to getting the most out of their CBD products, there is no comparison. High-quality CBD tinctures are the best way to go.

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