E-Hookah Vs Vaping: What You Need To Know

E-Hookah Vs Vaping

Today, there is such a wide range of alternatives to smoking out there that keeping up with all of them can sometimes be challenging. One of the most popular smoking alternatives available is vaping. However, several other smoking alternatives such as e-hookahs are also becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream.

In fact, nowadays people even tend to use terminology like “vape pen”, and “e-hookah pen” interchangeably. Hence, creating some confusion among the consumers that would love to know the differences between them.

In this post, we will take a quick look at some differences between e-hookah and vaping.

Understanding The Concept Of An E-Hookah

In simple terms, an e-hookah can be described as a water pipe. It can be broken down into 5 main parts. The mouthpiece is connected to the hose and the hose is connected to a water bowl which is then connected to the central stem. The final component of the e-hookah is the head. This part of the e-hookah is filled with moist tobacco.

The moist tobacco at the head of the e-hookah is then heated by burning charcoal which is placed above the device. The idea is to find a creative way to heat the moist tobacco without setting it on fire. Once heated, the user sucks the smoke through the water bowl and inhales it.

There are slight differences between the type of tobacco used for traditional cigarettes and that used for e-hookahs. For starters, the tobacco for e-hookahs is moist. This ensures that consumers who purchase e-hookahs from reliable stores like ePuffer do not have to worry about inhaling harsh smoke. Furthermore, the tobacco for e-hookahs contains flavorings, vegetable glycerin, and molasses.

E-Hookah Vs Vaping

Top Differences Between E-Hookah And Vaping

Most people who are used to vaping find spotting the differences between an e-hookah and a vape easy. However, newbies tend to have a difficult time differentiating between the two.

Here are the 2 main differences between an e-hookah and a vape:

  • THE PRESENCE OF TOBACCO: Although some e-liquids contain different concentrations of nicotine, they do not contain tobacco. However, e-hookahs contain moist tobacco.
  • COMBUSTION: Although the concept of heating an e-hookah has to do with heating the moist tobacco without combustion, sometimes it does. While this doesn’t happen all the time, the fact remains that it does in some cases. Hence, making combustion one of the differences between an e-hookah and a vape.

Similarities Between An E-Hookah And A Vape

Here are a few similarities between an e-hookah and a vape:

  • VARIETIES OF FLAVORS: One of the selling points of both vaping and e-hookahs is that you get to explore several different flavorings. The most common flavorings for vapes and e-hookahs are fruit flavorings.
  • THE IMPACT OF SMOKE OR CLOUD ON THE THROAT: Unlike smoking, vaping and e-hookahs produce a cloud of smoke that is less harsh on the throat. This cloud of smoke is often smoother in texture than that of the traditional cigarette.

Although some people think vaping and e-hookah are the same, there are a few differences. The tips above will help you spot the difference between both of them.

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